The Infinity 4321 High Yield Program

The Infinity 4321 High Yield program provides you with 1% monthly returns after 4 months.

The minimum purchase amount is $500 – the returns for the first 4 months are 40% – 30% – 20% – 10%

Your outlay is returned to you at this time. From the 5th month onwards you get 1% a month indefinitely.

Limited to 20 slots a month. When the limit is reached, the payment button will be unavailable

You will need to wait till the next month for it to be available again

You will be paid into the same Paypal account you paid from

Your payment schedule is
1st month 40%
2nd month 30%
3rd month 20%
4th month 10%

5th month to infinity 1%

Select from buttons on the right.

Make just one decision and change your life forever

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